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Innovate is our middle name. And since 1998, VIS has effectively served as resourceful project managers for a wide variety of companies large and small, down the block and around the world. We’ve managed countless projects for global automobile manufacturers and modest requests from local entrepreneurs, including everything in between – all with a winning track record and customer satisfaction.
From the simplicity of framing a treasured photo to the endless details of high-level event management, our approach remains the same. Regardless of size or scope, each project is handled with diligent care and delivered with exceptional results.
Take a deep breath… simplify. Sounding better and better all the time, isn’t it? Imagine what you can accomplish when you put the power of VIS Alliance to work for your company.


The Outpost Club

No office space, no worries! Let VIS handle your virtual office solutions! That’s exactly what went down when VIS was approached with an opportunity to manage a virtual country club that caters to elite and passionate membership golfers. From its inception, VIS became the business concierge of The Outpost Club. VIS proudly serves the OC with financial management, business operations, concierge service, and an event coordinator to handle their forty-plus events throughout the year. Starting out with 200 members in the first year, the Outpost Club is approaching 500 members in its second year, and has been voted the Best Golfing Society of 2011.

VIS Alliance, let us help you grow your business!

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